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Rae Shearn is a highly respected attorney has established a career spanning for 35 years as a lawyer. She entered the field in 1999 and established law offices in the Miamiin Miami -Dade and Broward Counties in Florida. Her certifications include a death-qualified criminal defense lawyer, which she attained in 1999. Shearn has always been tough and diligent in her representation of clients, whether they be charged with DUI or a capital crime.

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Rae Shearn
November 29, 2022

Lifting a Nebbia Bond

Whether you are looking to lift a Nebbia bond or are in the process of obtaining a bond for a Nebbia case, it is essential to understand what is involved. You will find that there are different options, and the process is sometimes different. You can find the best choice for your needs by examining […]

US Treasury Investigations
November 9, 2022

US Treasury Investigations

The Us Treasury investigates illegal activities that are detrimental to our nation, and it’s essential to know about the different investigations. Tax evasion and avoidance are just some types of fraud that the Treasury investigates. Money laundering and counterterrorism financing are also areas of concern. These investigations prevent illegal activities and restore public confidence in […]

Rae Shearn
October 14, 2022

U.S. Treasury Investigations

There are various types of U.S. Treasury investigations. These range from misapplication of funds to Embezzlement. You can also learn about the FinCEN program and loans to the Third Reich. Understanding these different types of investigations is essential to protect your assets and preventing financial fraud. However, contact your local FBI office if you have […]

September 23, 2022

Type Of Medical Care Fraud

Medical care fraud occurs when a provider group bills for services or procedures that do not occur. For example, physician fraud can include ordering unnecessary tests and procedures that can be very costly. Such fraudulent activities may be committed by doctors who are financially interested in a particular hospital, clinic, or health insurance plan. False […]

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